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Unsung Women Heroes Award 

The Unsung Women Heroes Awards is one of the identifying programs of Soroptimist International of the Americas Philippines Region (A Foundation), Inc. It recognizes women who, with great fervor and little fanfare, have made it their life’s work  to uplift the well-being of other women and girls in their communities.

The Awards honor women who, despite scarcity of resources and challenging conditions, engage in laudable projects that improve the lives of women and girls whilst inspiring and empowering other women.

Through the Awards, Soroptimist seeks to promote its work, trigger a ripple effect of social awareness and goodwill and, in the process, enlarge the scope and impact of Soroptimist in local communities. Paying tribute to the many selfless volunteers working at the grassroots level and disadvantaged sectors, the Soroptimist Unsung Women Heroes Awards hope to inspire other women to pursue similar paths of leadership, commitment and creativity to make this world a better place for all.


Lorna Silverio


Soroptimist Investing in Dreams
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