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Governor's Biennium Thrust

About Soroptimist Go Green, Empowering Women, Protecting the Earth

Our Mother Earth is deteriorating so rapidly now, and as we all know, this is primarily attributed to human activities such as deforestation, pollution, overexploitation of natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions leading to Climate Change.


Industrialization, population growth and unsustainable consumption patterns exacerbate these problems, contributing to biodiversity loss, habitat destruction and environmental degradation.

Addressing these issues, specifically climate change that affects women and girls disproportionately by its impacts, requires collective global efforts to adopt sustainable practices and mitigate the impacts of human activity on the planet.

As Soroptimists, belonging to a worldwide organization of and for women, we play vital roles in environmental stewardship. We are Nature’s Guardians and Allies, and as empowered women united by a deep reverence for our Mother Earth and a shared commitment to its preservation, it is crucial to get involved and participate in climate action.

For this Biennium Soroptimist Go Green Campaign is initiated to help protect our environment, by combating Climate Change through various Greening efforts, to ensure a healthier planet and a sustainable future especially for the women and girls we serve and for generations to come.

About the Logo

Though Soroptimist’s main focus is helping improve the lives of women and girls, we are also concerned about our environment and survival. While education plays a huge role in the formation of a better future and society, we believe that it should go hand in hand with nature.


The SGG or Soroptimist Go Green biennium thrust is created to fulfill the dreams of many, and to promote greening which may include;  subsistence farming or commercial farming that may lead to agribusiness for some women, environmental responsibilities such as keeping the earth clean, and protecting the communities, and more.

This project is represented by a round shaped logo to signify roundness representing the world, showing the soroptimist name in yellow color, along with the slogan “empowering women, protecting the earth” in green and or white font color that symbolizes the project’s nature relating to environment, we colored the image with a gradient of green, and of a woman shaped figure that represents women and S" in the chest to represent us soroptimist.  The leaves represents the projects; but due to the broadness of nature related programs, we want to focus on four (4) most doable ones like tree planting, clean up drives, reachable greening projects and the likes that can create a major impact to the environment in the near future and that we can do in the closest and accessible locations where Soroptimist in the Philippines are.

Soroptimist Investing in Dreams
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