Soroptimist Pledge

Soroptimist Symphony

I pledge allegiance to Soroptimist  and to the ideals for which it stands:


The Sincerity of Friendship

The Joy of Achievement

The Dignity of Service

The Integrity of Profession

The Love of Country 

I will put forth my greatest effort to promote, uphold, and defend these ideals, for a larger fellowship in home, in society, in business, for country, and for God.

If I can serve another's needs

If I can be a friend in deed

If I can lessen someone's pain

Always be glad to share my gain

Then I will know joys meaning true

Found in achieving work to do

Then I will know the reason why

Soroptimist am I


(Tagalog Version)

Kung maglingkod sa kapwa ko

Kaibigan tapat sa yo

Kung sakit mabawasan ko

Natutuwa't nagkakaisa

Kung ang tunay na ligaya

Bunga ng gawaing maganda

Dahil ay nalalaman ko

Soroptimist ako.

Soroptimist Symphony - Unknown Artist

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