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An intelligent, beautiful woman with a giving heart

She was a bearer of light and joy

A tunnel of love and sharing

A frequent smile breaking upon her lips

She treated everyone fairly.


Today we grieve her passing

But her life's work and good deeds 

Will be enshrined in a Legacy Book

Which she made me promise to write

So that her family, numerous friends and colleagues

- will know and be touched by the real Malen.


Fare thee well our beloved Malen

We have lost you to a better place 

But we have gained an angel in Heaven

Because of you, the world has become a kinder and gentler place

And your exemplary life will forever be etched in our deepest hearts never to be forgotten. 

Ode to Malen


She heaved her last breath

At early dawn of March 19, 2020

Surrounded by her loving family

So quietly she slipped away 

A picture of pure serenity.


Malen is her name 

So gentle, so loving

Yet impish and naughty

She left us shattered 

Even when we knew she was going.


A strong, feisty woman of conviction

She was a Soroptimist and Inner Wheel to the core

As she touched the lives of women and girls 

Through her charity programs that uplifted and defined them 

Which gave them reason to live. 


She travelled the world as First Lady of Rotary Past District Governor Edison Ang of 3800

And her commitments to Soroptimist International of the Americas, Philippine Region 

Malen was a woman of many gifts 

And a friend and mentor to many. 


A twinkle in Edison's eye

They have two accomplished daughters

Erica Joyce and Kristine Diane 

Together, the whole family worked in their metal  business

Which grew from strength to strength

By dint of hard work and faith in the Almighty.

Marilyn Rosales Ang

1955 - 2020

Tribute to our beloved  Soroptimist Malen

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