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Soroptimist Ortigas Breast Friends

14 Components

TAKBO! Breast Friends features:

  • Free clinical breast examination and breast cancer screening done on the site of the run

  • Breast Self-Examination (BSE) Demo  –  Soroptimist Ortigas  would like to emphasize that early detection is the key to fight breast cancer. It is a monthly habit that women are encouraged to practice.

  • A short session of Pinoy Laughter Yoga

  • A warm-up dance exercise

  • Free photos from the TBF & Wacoal Photo Booth.

  • Freebies  to all runners are claimed at the TBF Redemption Counter

  • Cash prizes and medals are awarded to the top three winners in all categories

  • A finisher’s medal is awarded to runners who finish the race within the time allotted

1. “Libreng Chemo Program” Soroptimist Ortigas provides free breast cancer chemotherapy of six cycles to indigent breast cancer patients who are in stages I to IIB.  They have included low-income  patients among  their beneficiaries.


2. “Libreng Tamoxifen Program” After six cycles of breast cancer chemotherapy, a breast cancer survivor (depending on her estrogen level) takes a maintenance medicine called Tamoxifen for a period of one to five years.  Soroptimist Ortigas provides free Tamoxifen to their breast cancer survivors when needed.


3. Soroptimist Ortigas initiates and facilitates public awareness campaigns, lectures and seminars on breast health and breast cancer.


4. Soroptimist Ortigas initiates and conducts free on-site clinical breast examinations and breast cancer screenings, risk factor assessments, one-on-one consultations and breast biopsies on patients.


5. Soroptimist Ortigas financially supports an affordable breast cancer surgery with a short stay in at Providence Hospital in Quezon Ave., Quezon City.


6. Every year, Soroptimist Ortigas hosts a Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) fun run and fund raising called TAKBO! Breast Friends (TBF). Net proceeds from TBF are earmarked for all its projects on breast health and breast cancer. The run is held every first Sunday of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

Takbo 001.jpg

7. Soroptimist Ortigas prints and distributes tarpaulin posters to promote early detection of breast cancer to government health centers and public places. One such poster is the “Mga Palatandaan ng Breast Cancer”. 

8. The Breast Cancer Advocate Training Course - Soroptimist Ortigas facilitates a one-day course that will empower barangay health workers, midwives and cause oriented women to be competent trainors in the early detection of breast cancer (the core objective of the course). It has a multiplier effect. It can be replicated to households and communities. Another skill taught is the practice of palpation. The course emphasizes that early cancers have a better prognosis with treatments and that early-stage treatments are more affordable and less resource intensive.

9. Breastfeeding – Knowing that the best nourishment for infants is mother’s milk, So optimist Ortigas started the Breastfeeding Project in support of the three Philippine laws that defend the right of the woman to breast feed and the right of the infant to be breast fed. These laws are:

  • Milk Code or E.O.51 *National Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, Breastmilk Supplements and Related Products*, 1986.

  • Rooming-In Act or R.A. 7600 *The Rooming-In & Breastfeeding Act*, 1992

  • R.A.10028 *Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act*, 2009 The Supreme Court states,“her bosom. The idea is of course for every child to enjoy the unequalled benefits of breast milk.”

10. ​Soroptimist Ortigas conducts Early Detection and Screening of Breast Cancer through mammography. This is provided and done at the Breast Cancer Imperative, Inc.’s MAMMOVAN.

11. Soroptimist Ortigas Breast Friends Forever (SO-BFF) – The breast cancer survivors who availed of their services become members of their care group called . Members are encouraged to help reach out to other survivors and update their personal data and medical condition.


12. Celebration of Survival - Soroptimist Ortigas occasionally hosts a get-together for their breast cancer survivors. This meet-and-greet event is a happy bonding session of survivors and Soroptimists. Speakers give lessons on coping with life after treatment, give hope, comfort and support to the breast cancer survivors and their families.


13. When Soroptimist Ortigas receives donations of female breast prostheses; these are given free to their breast cancer survivors.


14. Since the Libreng Chemo Program of Soroptmist Ortigas is for patients in stages I–IIB only, patients in stages 3 and 4 are referred to their partner hospitals and other like-minded organizations for further treatment.

Soroptimist Investing in Dreams
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