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PNP Summit on Women in Community Policing

1st National Summit

Theme: PNP Women and Childrens Desk: "Working Towards Establishing Justice and Safety for Women and Children in the 21st Century"


Goal: Establishing a more efficient and effective police desk in providing law enforcement and public safety service and protection to the particular sectors of women and children.

2nd National Summit 

Theme: "A Decade After: Towards a breakthrough in the PNP Program on Women and Children"

Goal: Create a stronger collaborative network among the PNP Women and Children's Desk and its community partners to better respond to abused women and children.

Held in Bacolod City

3rd National Summit

Theme: "Empowering Women in Policing: An effective Instrument of O.N.E. PNP Towards a Strong Republic" 

Held at Subic Freeport

4th National Summit 

Theme: Resources towards creating in the women officers a sense of moving forward to the direction of a competitive, gender-fair, principled leadership in the organization.

Held in Davao City

5th National Summit 

Theme: "Empowered Women: Capable and Effective Managers of the PNP"

Held in Provice of Bohol

6th National Summit

Theme: "PNP Women of Today: Dedicated.. at the forefront, as continuing catalysts of change for a Transforemed Organization."

Held in Palawan 

7th National Summit
Theme: "Empowering the Women in the PNP for the Millennium Development Goals and Beyond"

Held in Fort Ilocandia

8th National Summit

Theme: "Empowered Policewomen Making Ethical and Informed Choices"

Held in Cagayan de Oro

9th National Summit
Theme: "Enhancing the Role of Women for Change in Peace and Security Agenda"

Held in Davao City

10th National Biennial Summit

Theme: “Strengthening Women in Policing: Addressing key issues, gaps and challenges”

Held in Cebu City

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