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SIAPR Biennium Thrust Club Grant

for Women and Girls



Governor Gabrielle “Billie” V. Calizo-Quimpo initiated an SIAPR Biennial Thrust Club Grant. This is to extend financial assistance to Clubs through a Region Club Grant Program funded from the Sampaguita Society for projects that will accelerate the achievement of the Region’s Biennium Thrust.


The Region Grant is intended specifically to fund projects aligned with the Biennium Thrust of an incumbent Governor of SIAPR.  This Grant will not be a duplication of the various SIA funded Club Grants which supports particularly the SIA Dream Programs (Live Your Dream and Dream It, Be It).




All Clubs in good standing may apply for the SIAPR Biennium Thrust Club Grant. Application will only be eligible for one grant per year for a new Club project whose target beneficiary or beneficiaries has not been previously served by the Club. A member designated by the Club as the project focal person should fill-up the writeable application form online in the SIAPR website and e-mail the Project Feasibility Study (PFS) to SIAPR ( addressed to the Chair, Region Committee on Grants on same day of filing the Application Form. The focal person should be the club member most involved with the project and should be prepared to oversee the project during the entire period of its implementation. 

The club President and club Treasurer must sign both Application Form and Project Feasibility Study (PFS) and are jointly responsible for the timely and judicious release of funds in accordance with the budget work sheet and timetable set in the approved Project Feasibility Study (PFS).


Partnership with other service organizations, private individual donors, government agencies, etc., are encouraged. However, the proponent Soroptimist Club for the grant should be the lead partner and responsible

for the overall planning and managing of the project.

Program Brief

Soroptimist Investing in Dreams
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