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Soroptimist Investing in Dreams

Soroptimist International

of Mandaluyong

About Us


Chartered:  August 5, 1994


Mandaluyong City located at the heart of Metro Manila, bordered by two of Metro Manila’s major districts. It is a medium-sized community, composed of 27 barangays (districts), with a population of approximately 436,785 (the year 2019).


This is where SI Mandaluyong brings its programs and services for marginalized women and girls. Linking with the local government agencies enable us to effectively and successfully implement our projects, thereby generating public awareness for what we do.


Over the years, the local government of Mandaluyong has given their trust and support to our community undertakings, confident that partnering with our organization enables them to delivers their own services to the people in a more effective and reinforce manner. Accordingly, SI Mandaluyong has been awarded and commended through the years for its various community work. 

Club Officers

Engr. Young Simbulan

Vermelita "Young" Simbulan

President 2018-2020


President Elect:

Vice President:




Public Relations Officer:   

Vermelita Simbulan

Lot Ortiz-Ruiz

Rowena Arcangel  

Cressida Roman

Ruth Ramos Flores

Amelita Co

Jasmin Cajiuat  

Board of Directors

  CP Perry Reyes

  PP Ruth Flores

  PP Maripaz Tagle-Chua

  PP Rosie Lardizabal

  PP Gigie Peñalosa

Roster of Members

Rowena Arcangel

Odette Asperin

Flora Arellano

Miselle Bergonia

Jasmin Cajiuat

Lucienne Anne Calpe

Amelita Co

Dorothy Cuevas

Esther David

Ma. Lourdes De Leon

Florencia Domingo

Lydia Echauz

Ruth Flores

Sonia Fowler

Clara Lapuz

Rosie Lardizabal

Irma Linao

Leilanie Loro

Ma. Olivia Lucas

Katherine Kaye Mayo

Norma Mendez

Rose Mesina

Susan Nieva

Ma. Lourdes Ortiz-Luis

Virginia Peñalosa

Peregrina Reyes

Cressida Roman

Ma. Isabel Santos

Elvira Shirk

Veraldy Simbulan

Vermelita Simbulan

Maripaz Tagle-Chua

Merlita Tampinco

Perla Upano

Nancy Uy

Kathleen Villaluz-Valencia

Four Pillars

Sugar Roman

Sugar Roman

Membership Pillar Chair

Irma Linao

Irma Linao

Program Pillar Chair

Jasmin Cajiuat

Public Awareness Pillar Chair

Kaye Mayo

Kaye Mayo

Fund Raising Pillar Chair

SIA Grant Impact Project


"Empowering Teenage Mothers for the SDG-FACES"

(Sustainable Development GoalsFamily-based Action for Children and Their Environs in the Slums


SI Mandaluyong in partnership with the City Government in the implementation of its program Sustainable Development Goals – Family-based Actions for Children and their Environs in the Slums (SDG-FACES).  The program is targeting the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals among 40 children belonging to women-headed households as pilot beneficiaries. The city is prioritizing children whose mothers are still in their teenage years.  SI Mandaluyong shall focus on these teenage moms with the goal of empowering each one with the necessary basic skills to adapt to and be an active partner in the attainment of both mom’s and child’s SDGs.


At least 200 women including 40 teenage mothers, their mothers and other women in Barangay Addition Hills, a club adopted Barangay, this program has the following objectives: 1.)To educate women and teenage mothers on the various child- and women-focused SDG indicators and how they can benefit and at the same time contribute to the attainment of the SDGs;  2.) To increase awareness of responsible parenting  and 4.) To develop entrepreneurs among unemployed mothers 5.) To transform these women into active community partners of SI Mandaluyong in advocating for women empowerment 3.) To encourage returning to school even as a working mother. 

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